The following Rules & Regulations have been adopted by the Board of Directors of the Palm Beach Isles Property Owners’ Association and are key to

preserving and improving the quality of life in the Palm Beach Isles Community. These Rules We Live By are recorded in the land records of Palm Beach County

as follows:Palm Beach Isles Plat #1 in Official Record Book #30831; Pages 1686 to 1691,Palm Beach Isles Plat #2 in Official Record Book #30831; Pages 1692 to 1697

Palm Beach Isles Plat #3 in Official Record Book #30831; Pages 1698 to 1703

  1. The Owners/Lessees of each lot shall abide by each and every term and provision of the Articles of Incorporation, the Declaration of Protective Covenants and Bylaws of the Association, and these Rules & Regulations, as amended from time to time.

  2. ​Annual homeowners’ dues and any special assessment charges shall be due upon receipt of billing of said assessment.  Dues        and charges remaining outstanding as of 90 days from date of billing shall be deemed overdue and shall be subject to interest, as well as reasonable attorneys’ fees required for enforcement and collection, as determined by the Board of Directors.

  3. Damage to common areas, property or equipment of the Association caused by any Owner, or family, guest, contractor or lessee of said Owner shall be repaired or replaced at the expense of such Owner. 

  4. All vehicles shall be driven within the posted speed limits, stop at all STOP signs and should be driven in a safe, considerate and careful manner.

  5. ​All vehicles must be parked in driveways or garages overnight.

  6.  Commercial, trade and delivery vehicles may park temporarily on the street while providing services.  Such vehicles will be parked so as not to block mailboxes, driveways or roadways.  Residents should advise such tradespeople servicing their homes of these parking restrictions.

  7. All vehicles must have current license plates and registration tags.  Storage of vehicles or sale of vehicles is not allowed unless those vehicles are stored in Owner’s/Lessee’s garage. 

  8. No commercial lettering is allowed on those owners’/lessees’ vehicles used and parked in the driveways at any time. 

  9.  No assembling or disassembling of motor vehicles is permitted except within Owner’s/Lessee’s garage.  Each lot owner shall be required to clean his/her driveway of any oil. 

  10. No boats, trailers, commercial trucks, campers or recreational vehicles are permitted to be parked in the front driveway or front yard for a period greater than 72 hours.  Boats, trailers, commercial trucks, campers or recreational vehicles may be stored out of plain view on the Owner’s property, either in a garage or behind an approved privacy fence.

  11. Each Owner/Lessee is responsible for maintaining in good condition their lot, their residence, their driveway, their landscaping and all other improvements made to the lot, including any dock or seawalls.  A lot is deemed to be maintained in good condition when all observable exterior surfaces are not discolored, chipped, peeling or otherwise materially disfigured from the original surface. ​ 

  12. Each Owner/Lessee shall keep his lot free of trash, refuse, or debris.  Clothes lines and garbage cans should be kept out of view of the street.  Owners/Lessees should not take their garbage or recycling containers, yard waste, or bulk trash to the street no more than one day before the scheduled pick-up.  Following pick-up, all containers should be promptly returned to a location screened from the street. 

  13. Roofs are to be maintained in good condition at all times.  No asphalt shingle roofs are permitted. 

  14. Fences shall be no higher than 6 feet. 

  15. All architectural and structural changes to the exterior of a residence that are not repairs, replacements or restoration to the original condition with approved materials, require Board approval via the Architectural Review Committee.

  16. Construction activity is limited to 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM Monday through Saturday.  No heavy construction, excavation, or roofing is allowed on Saturdays.  There is no construction allowed at any time on Sundays or Holidays.

  17. All “For Sale”, “For Lease”, “Open House” or “Garage/Estate Sale” signs posted for more than 48 hours are limited to 40 square inches in size.   One additional sign facing canals is permitted but limited in size to 18” by 24”.  The top of any sign may not be higher than 4 feet above ground.  Builder and commercial signs must adhere to the sign size requirements.  All such signs must be removed promptly upon conclusion of the sale, lease or event.

  18. Election campaign yard signs, limited in size to 18” by 24”, may be placed in yards.  No such campaign signs are permitted in the common areas.  All such election signs are to be removed promptly following election day unless a runoff election is to be held.  In such case, all such election signs are to be removed promptly following runoff election day.  This rule shall be enforced equally as to any and all political affiliations and/or perspectives. 

  19. Owners/Lessees are fully responsible for the immediate clean-up of their pet’s animal waste.

  20. All watercraft must be properly secured at all times.

  21. Outdoor lighting may not cause light to spill on adjacent lots or residences. 

  22. Tenants are not permitted to sublet properties.

  23. Violation of these rules may subject the lot Owner to sanctions, including fines and/or liens as necessary, and permitted by     the Palm Beach Isles governing documents, to be levied by the Board of Directors.

  24. If any rule is deemed invalid, unenforceable or illegal, that shall not affect the validity, enforce ability or legality of any of the remaining rules.

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