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Palm Beach Isles Security Report 

Cameras are used at all entrances and exits to monitor and record traffic entering and exiting the neighborhood. The system was upgraded in the fall of 2018 to be fully digital and includes license plate recognition software. 


2021 Incidents

  • A Coral Way resident reported that his truck was rummaged through by two boys at 6:45pm. There were no other reports that day The resident reported the incident to police, and the board sent the pictures of the two boys leaving the neighborhood at 6:49pm.

  • A Gulfstream Road Resident reported a young man had approached the home of her 95-year-old mother asking an aid for money due to him. Virginia said the aid was caretaker whose brother may have owed money. She reported to the police. I sent tag numbers and pics of the man going to her door.

2020 Incidents

RB police detective Emory Davis reported that the suspect from the Feb 2020 bike theft and May 2020 pressure washer theft has been arrested, jailed and is now out on 3yr probation with 12 month’s home arrest (must wear ankle bracelet). This took a while because she is not a city of RB resident. The case had to be referred to the state for arrest and prosecution