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Palm Beach Isles Security Update

Cameras are used at all entrances and exits to monitor and record traffic entering and exiting the neighborhood. This  system is  fully digital and includes license plate recognition software

October & November & December 2022 - No Incidents Reported 

(more than one residence reported mail removed from their mailbox) 

  • August & September 2022 - No incidents Reported 

  • (more than one residence reported mail removed from their mailbox) 

  • June & July  2022 - No Incidents Reported 

  • May 2022 - No Incidents Reported 

  • April  2022 - No incidents Reported (replacement camera installed on Island Drive)

  • March 2022 - No incidents Reported 

  •  February 2022 - No Incidents Reported 

  • January 2022 - No incidents Reported 

  • November - December 2021 

  • Mail has been stolen from mailboxes on numerous occasions throughout the month.  It has been reported to the police. Please do not place outgoing mail in your box right now, as it is better to drop off to the post office or directly hand it to the postman who comes each day late afternoon. 

  •  September or October 2021 - no reported incidents 

  • A neighbor on Fairview Lane alerted Riviera Beach police on August 7th 10am after their Ring video doorbell system caught a person in a U-Haul Truck removing mail from their mailbox. PBIPOA security cameras secured the plate number and video of the truck entering and exiting Bimini, Island, Fairview and Gulfstream Lanes and sent to police.   A rental car was stolen from Fairview Lane Friday August 6th 5:20am. We have provided details from our security cameras to the police.

  • Please be reminded to remove any valuables and lock your cars overnight.


    A Coral Way resident reported that his truck was rummaged through by two boys at 6:45pm. There were no other reports that day The resident reported the incident to police, and the board sent the pictures of the two boys leaving the neighborhood at 6:49pm.

Central Entrance Bridges Replacement Project

Construction Hours 

Monday - Friday 8 am – 6pm

Please refer to the (pdf) documents for layout & time line of the project and architectural plans 

Phase 1 – Exit Lane Bridge Replacement November 2020 - April 2021


Phase 2 – Entrance Lane Bridge Replacement - Began May 2021 -


Phase 3 – Grand Bahama Bridge Replacement

In Progress

PHASE 3 -Grand Bahama Bridge Timeline


Site preparation on Grand Bahama Lane by Brothers Construction will begin July 2021 including utility relocation, hedge removal, equipment delivery, temporary fence erection & engineering surveying 


  • Temporary/daily road direction changes for utility relocation work will launch in July, and the signaled one lane alternating traffic pattern for the bridge construction will start approximately late August/September 2021 - light signals erected, Grand Bahama residents will ingress and egress to & from Emerald Drive during all bridge construction 


  •  Construction Launches with demolition and temporary bridge creation – September 2021


  • South Side on GB Bridge completion – COMPLETED 

  • North Side of GB Bridge begins –COMPLETED 

  • Construction to be completed – December 2022

  • Landscape and Replenishment of area 

(January - February 2023)

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