Palm Beach Isles Security


Cameras are used at all entrances and exits to monitor and record traffic entering and exiting the neighborhood. The system was upgraded in the fall of 2018 to be fully digital and includes license plate recognition software. 


2020 Incident Updates


August - September 2020


No new incidents


May 12, 2020

Power washer stolen from 1201 Gulfstream

  • Garage was open with owner working at side yard.

  • Captured video of a truck entering neighborhood empty and leaving with power washer

  • Found the same truck entering and leaving Island Drive with another piece of equipment

  • Determined this was the same person and truck from the Feb 28 crime below

  • Tag and video given to police  outside of city

Apr 15, 2020

Mercedes S560 Stolen from 1060 Grand Bahama

  • Car was in open garage with keys inside. Homeowner was in backyard.

  • Captured video of the stolen car leaving and the accomplice's car entering and leaving.

  • Reported to Riviera Beach Police for investigation


Feb 28, 2020

Stolen Bicycle

  • Neighbor on the corner of Gulfstream and Ocean Drive reported a stolen bike from her open garage in the middle of the day

  • Recovered video of theft and tag number of vehicle

  • Reported to police


2019 Incident Updates


  • Nov 10, 2019- Car stolen from home on Emerald at 6am.

    • Police believe the key may have been stolen from the home earlier in the week by a water filtration supplier that worked inside of the home.

    • Video of car entering, two cars leaving, tag numbers etc. given to police

    • Car found 11/15. No word on suspects


  • 8/30/2019 Bimini- Crew of young men checking unlocked cars for valuables

    • Captured on video and reported to police


  • 5/24/19 Island Drive and connected streets- Three boys checking unlocked cars for valuables

    • Came in on foot. Police given video of walk in entry, a car and tag that picked the boys up and homeowner video of attempts to open car doors.


  • 1/27/19 Coral Way- Someone rang home-owners doorbell at 1:22am

    • Captured car arrival, departure and tag number on video

Reported to police

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